The group is mainly involved in:
- Distribution of mechanical parts, manufacture of motorcycle.
- Sale of sports products.

Cyclo Palais

Established since 1983, Cyclo Palais was mainly involved in bicycle spare parts.
Then in 2001 step by step it moved to sports products.

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La centrale des comptoirs tunisiens

CCT is distributor of more than a dozen world-renowned
brands operating in the field of 2 wheels.
. Leader since established in 1985, La Centrale des comptoirs Tunisien
is on a constant quest for quality to adapt to the changing market.

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Cyclo Industrie

Cyclo Industrie is one of the first manufacturers of 2 Tunisian wheels.
Since created on 1997, mopeds, scooters and motorcycles are designed
and assembled by assemblers with recognized know-how.

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Created more than 35 years ZIMOTA is a Tunisian group operating in the mechanical and sports products. The group is mainly involved in: mechanicalspare parts distribution, motorcycle manufacturing and sports products drading. Managed by Mr. Laribi Taoufik, ZIMOTA Group is now present in the largest cities of the country. ZIMOTA is selling more than 5,000 products manufactured around the world through his 3 companies.